What is a "Save Our Business Committee" (SOBC)?

Funds donated to help save local businesses are administered by local Save Our Business Committees (SOBC).

You do not have to make a “save a local business” donation to be eligible to serve on a local SOBC.

However, if you are a staff member of the Chronicles Community Creations  or affiliated with CCC you cannot serve on a local (SOBC).

Only the local SOBC has the power to decide which businesses receive funds. After all, who knows the importance of saving a local business better then the local folks the business has been serving during the lifetime of the business?

To be a SOBC member you must first take the Golden Rule Pledge.

Taking the Golden Rule Pledge is always free. There is nothing required of a Golden Rule Advocate other then pledging to treat others as you wish to be treated.

SOBC’s are made up of registered Golden Rule Advocates who live in the same geographic area as the recipient business.

Establishment of these committees follows guidelines of the World Community Bylaws.

Guidelines for granting funds to worthy recipients include the Committee’s overall sense of the business’s importance  to the local community.

In a nutshell, committees are responsible for giving the funds to those who have the best, most deserving SOB Story. “SOB Story” meaning “Save Our Business” story.

Each local SOBC selects one of its members who serves on the General Save Our Business Fund. This committee administers donations made to the General Fund.

Recipients of General Funds must submit an application describing their financial need here.